Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strange Obsessions

Sometimes I get obsessive over the strangest things! I never looked at polymer clay as much of a beading supply until I bought Christi Friesen's first book...I have since bought all of them. The thing is, I'm a dragon person, so I make more dragons than anything else. So here's where the obsession comes in. I kept thinking that my dragons were just too big. They're not, really, but I kept worrying at it, and finally couldn't stand myself anymore. So I made this little gal. Now, kindly remember that I'm an indifferent photographer at best. She's only a little bigger than a quarter, and I'm almost sure that I think she's small enough for me. The "dust" that's all over her is gold(it looks silver in the picture) and I haven't done the varnish coat, yet, but I was so happy with her that I had to take a picture. I hope you enjoy seeing her.
Be well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WooHoo It's done!

BFAC was a bear this year! I had a dozen ideas and not one worked the way it was supposed to. This is what I'm sending. I wasn't thrilled with it as I was working on it, but overall, I can't say I'm displeased...It could have gone smoother, but I think I took on too much all at the same time. I started a new job, committed to the Mask Challenge, and to BFAC. If you look at them individually, it doesn't seem like much, but taken all within the space of a few months, it was a tad overwhelming.
However, I'm officially off the hook. All my promises are kept, and now I can work on my pet projects...whatever they might be.
Be well.