Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just Some Misc. Stuff

I'm making good progress on my mask, but I'm having some trouble getting a good photo. I toned down the blue with some metallic copper paint, and the flash turns it really red, and it looks awful. If we get a good overcast day, I'll try it again.

I did get a pretty cool picture this week, though. Actually, my boss got the picture, but I'm posting it. I work near town, but not "in" town in a small office complex, and we're seeing a resurgence of wildlife lately, raccoons, foxes, and a lot of hawks and geese, but I haven't seen a wild turkey in 15 or more years, yet there he is, strutting across the parking lot! He scared the heck out of the lady who works next door. I really wanted a better look, but he wasn't having any of that!
So, maybe mask pictures next time, but this time it's just a turkey.
Be well.

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