Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harvest and Holiday Time

It's that time again...time for making preserves. Yesterday I spent the entire day making apple butter and juice for jelly. I spent five hours just peeling and prepping the apples. My back hurt, my hands were cramping up, and my kitchen was a mess! I can't explain why I love it, but I do! Next things are jellies with all the juices I've put into the freezer this summer, then holiday cookies and candies. When I get my canning done, I'll have Christmas gifts almost finished, and that's another thing to be happy about. Just a few things to make (not food) and I'll be ready to assemble baskets. So far, I've done spaghetti sauce, dill pickles, pickled peppers and apple butter. I still have 4 kinds of jelly to do, but I did the juices already, so they'll be quick. I can't wait. Well, I've rambled enough today...'til next time.

Be well.

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